Blackmail -Be careful what you wish for

For the last couple of days I’ve been having immense fun torturing and tormenting one of My hopelessly entrapped blackmailed piggies. No matter how hard he tries to deny Me or forget about Me he is always compelled to come back -they always do. It’s like I have a deadly magnetism (or mountain of incriminating evidence) that binds them to Me like glue. What I love the most about this helpless, foolish boy is his complete and unguarded honesty. he’s allowed Me to gather so much personal information over the last year like names, phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, passwords, even his social security number, and Wives maiden name. I hardly even had to suggest it before he was supplying Me with every sort of lurid photo, video, handwritten letter, receipt, and even his Wive’s favorite childhood teddybear (yes I have that much power of this insect), that I’ve devoted an entire 15qt plastic container just to him and his inevitable destruction.

I mean really does he expect Me not to wave this over his head whenever I want to make him squirm? While he is ramming Her vibrator up his ass and eating My toenails (yes he is one of those weirdos) I am snapping lots of crystal clear shots for My Loser of the Year scrapbook that I might just send him for Christmas, or maybe I’ll send it to someone else…

his ignorance and vulnerability is becoming somewhat of a turn-on to Me -every time I take him to that very low scary part of himself he just can’t help obeying every word out of mouth and handing over every dollar in his wallet. I can tell just by the glazed look in his eyes what kind of night its going to be. such a lump of clay. his lack of a spine complements My domineering nature very nicely.

Although he’s usually very pliable he’s not always so open and trusting with Me. he does have moments of clarity when he realizes how totally fucked he is and how completely wickedly evil I can be (although always charmingly cute), but ironically these moments typically come after he’s given Me what I wanted, and he knows that it is now much too late for any type of deal-making. his buyout price goes up every time he comes back home to Me and it is getting quite steep now.  he’s in so deep there really is no way he could ever shake the overwhelming feeling of paranoia that haunts him every single day of his life. he’s forced to keep providing Me with more humiliating performances, tributes, and confirmed factual information that keeps piling up until he can buy his way out of his current contract. he told Me it’s so bad that each time his Wives phone rings his heart pounds because he thinks its Me calling to expose him. Lol, Keep wondering boy…

My advice, don’t ask for something unless you really, really want it.

Pandora’s box

Okay it’s a club night so I’m out of here!


try not to have too much fun without Me ;P


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